With the main objective of preserving our language, culture and identity, Nepali Bhasa Parishad, Bhutan (NBPB) was given structure to mid April 1993. So as to stick to its mission, NBPB brought about the annual publication of Bhutani Kopila, an anthology of Nepali poems, stories, essays, etc. along with the articles on the contemporary burning local issues, national events and global affairs, in 1995. We strongly believe that Bhutani Kopila served the community members by providing them with the platform for rhetorically vocalizing their trauma caused by nothingness as a result of their expatriation from their homestead and native land. We shall never ever fail to look up to those involved and who exploited themselves in voluntarily serving for the promotion and affluence of our tongue and letters despite their penury under a thatched-roof and between soil-smeared walls of wild stalks where there’s no room to swing a cat where their primary responsibility was/is and should be to think of some ways out to keep the wolf from the door and save their immediate family members.NBPB  wants to celebrate and share the happiness with all on the birth of its scions like Dilli Ram Sharma Acharya, the tallest in the pack of Bhutanese literary lions. Had NBPB not run those Nepali language classes, many of our fellow Bhutanese would have remained unlettered.  Many of us became literate in Nepali language therefore NBPB decided to upgrade its organ as a literary body and continued its survival with its reformed name and fame asNepali Sahitya Parishad Bhutan (NSPB) in 2006.

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